Meteotemplate Info

Meteotemplate Info

Hi guys,

I would like to say a few words about getting information across to you.

As some of you probably have noticed already, I stopped sending bulk emails to people after version updates etc. There are actually several reasons for this. One is technical – I would have to find a different way because the free Gmail account does not allow sending that many emails/day. It worked when there was 100 of you.

More importantly however, I know that the amount of spam these days and all sort of spam filters etc.  means the message often did not get across anyway, or just got lost in the other emails.

I would therefore like to ask you to please follow the Blog if you want to get information about the template. This will make your and my life easier. I post Blog updates to several services so hopefully you will find one that suits you and rather than emails you will read the updates whenever you have time.

  • Blog – this of course is the easiest option, reading this blog directly on the internet, should also work nicely on phones and tablets (is responsive)
  • Blog RSS – if you use any RSS reader, you can easily add a new feed:
  • Meteotemplate Facebook page –
  • My Google+ account –
  • My Twitter account –

All the above sources include all Blog posts so you can choose either of them to stay up to date.

Do not get me wrong – feel absolutely free to contact me anytime for help/suggestion etc., but keep the above in mind.

There is also a few tips:

  • if you want to find information about a particular block/plugin, simply search for its namespace. Every post in this blog includes tags and each block/plugin post has the corresponding namespace as one of the tags
  • you can even do a general search if you are looking for a particular topic


9 thoughts on “Meteotemplate Info

  1. I got bit confused when trying to follow the bug fix steps:
    “Unpack the fix package, replace the api.php in the root folder of the template. Then replace setup/install.php. Go to your template, open Main settings and just click “Save” to update the config.php settings file.”

    I think the “setup/install.php” should be “intall/setup.php”?

  2. I meant having one line in admin called updates or blog or something which would open the rss block in a separate page. Ideally it would be like updates(!) to flag there is an important update available. After all you also flag updates for blocks. For instance I had not picked up the update for menu so it would be nice to have an alert rather than looking for possible changes.

    • LOL, yes, that┬┤s exactly what I have on my to-do list for the next week ­čÖé I obviously had to wait for v14 and after things calm down and bugs are fixed – which it hopefully is now. I might even try this weekend already, depends how much time I will have and how much work I will have for my normal job.

  3. Hi,
    the problem is that the admin menu is not large enough to fit all the blog posts and I dont think even including it somewhere at the top would be ideal. It would just be too distracting.

  4. Dear Jachym,

    thanks for the heads-up. Talking for myself I not always take the effort to keep up to date with your (and other website’s) blogs. The rss feed is a nice option but not so elegant on the homepage. If it would be visible from the admin menu only (ideally with a reminder that there is an important update) that would seem great.

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