Template Versioning – How to update

Template Versioning – How to update

Hi guys,

to help you understand the logic behind updates I will try to clarify it a little bit.

The template has a major version number and a minor version number.

Example: Meteotemplate 14.2 – major version number is 14, minor version number is 2

New Installation

  • download the Main download file which will install the latest version (eg. 14.2)
  • token required

Major version update

  • if you are using for example version 11, 12, 13 you need to update the major version number
  • in this case you download and install the “update package” (Downloads page, “Updates” menu on the left)
  • token required
  • this post might help you to decide if a new installation is better (if you fell too far behind: http://meteotemplate.com/blog/?p=2205)
  • last update package will install the latest version (14.2) so you don´t need the bug fix packages

Minor version update

  • minor version update (eg. 14.0->14.1, 14.1->14.2) means that you are only installing bug fixes
  • minor version means a bug fix
  • you only need to download the Bug Fix package (Downloads page, “Bug fixes” menu on the left)
  • no token required

Hope this helps 🙂


10 thoughts on “Template Versioning – How to update

  1. hy Jachym
    Good job is this template, I recently wrote to you asking for a token, I’m from Brazil and bought a WRM 500 Oregon station and still can’t work.
    I would really like a token of yours and a help to put it in the air, I’m almost throwing this crap in the trash and abandoning everything.
    Please help me.
    A big hug
    Joao Luiz
    +55 15 996297442

  2. Merci pour ton travail il est toujours parfait et simple a mettre en place le seul bémol pour moi c le code pour pouvoir télécharger je trouve dommage d’être obligé de te déranger une fois de plus pour avoir ce code, ci tu as besoin de place sur un serveur fait le moi savoir encore merci

  3. Hi,

    One idea for next upgrade: I’ve tried many ways to organize my homepage and each time some of my visitors preferred one version while the other half opted for the other version. I’ve partially solved the problem by creating a second homepage with a specific layout assigned to it, but I wonder how hard it would be to allow visitors to build their own layout. Many websites now use this kind of technology but I don’t know if it’s compatible with your script.


    • Hi,
      one person asked about this before, but I dont really like this idea and it would be very complicated because think about it, users would have to build the homepage in the same way you did in the homepage setup, using the syntax for multiple blocks, menu blocks etc. For a normal user this is way too complicated and they are not going to study the MT Wiki.
      And second point is – I think it is better to show the user what you want. This is not some global portal, I know what you meant, but those are pages like Yahoo, Google… your website is a personal website which you build the way you like it. And Im not a big fan of several homepages because it could be confusing for people. Feel free to use this concept, but I will probably not add this due to the reasons above.

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