New Plugin – Page Builder

New Plugin – Page Builder

Hi guys,

this new plugin is an extension of the Custom Pages feature. It lets you create your custom pages exactly as the default page, but it also has a simple web editor which will help you with the styling without having to know HTML.

Once you download it, update your menu.php and then add the namespace of this plugin (pageBuilder) to the list of “admin plugins” so that it only appears in the admin menu tab. This plugin will not be viewable to a normal user.

I modified the DEMO scripts so in the DEMO on my site you can have a look even as a user and I put the link in the Tools tab, but this is only for demonstration purposes.



2 thoughts on “New Plugin – Page Builder

  1. Is there a way to include blocks on a custom page? I’d like to be able to have another page (accessed via the menu) that includes blocks like the homepage. It would allow a bit more separation between kinds of data.

    • Hi Mark,
      no and in fact you are not the first one who asked about several homepages. However I dont think this is a good idea to be quite honest. Homepage should be just one. Creating more is only going to lead to confusion. Other point is that once I allow people to do this, I can very well imagine they are going to install literally hundreds of blocks and sometimes less is more. I think that the homepage should be just one and if you feel you cant fit it all on it then it means there is too many of them. Also, having to load a completely new page is always annoying because it takes time. To improve user experience you should really aim for just one homepage, otherwise it will result in information overload and rather than more visitors and more organized page you would have the exact opposite. It is also currently technically not possible and I would have to make changes in the core scripts.


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