Plugin Update – Solar 2.0

Plugin Update – Solar 2.0

Hi guys,

the previous release seemed to work fine so I can move on and add some new scripts. In this update there is a new page which does pretty much the same thing as the existing one, but instead of days, the data is aggregated by months so you see the average sunshine for the individual months as well as the average day length etc. The averages are given as both avg min/day and the avg total number of hours/month.

DEMO – again very limited due to the fact I don´t have any solar data


1 thought on “Plugin Update – Solar 2.0

  1. Hello,

    This plugin works very well but would it be possible to add a duration of daily and monthly sunning in addition to averages of all the releves
    it would allow to know the duration of sunshine live
    thank you

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