Hi guys,

I am about to start making some changes/updates and before I do so I need you to check something. You should now all be using the API for the updates either directly or indirectly (with the exception of NetAtmo, see below).

First look at the diagram at the bottom of this page: http://www.meteotemplate.com/web/wiki/wiki5GB.php

Even if you are not using the api.php directly, the update/update.php now does not do the actual update, but only processes the input to match the input expected by the API and then sends it to the api.php which does the actual database update.

Here is how you should be doing the updates currently:

  • Weather Display – using the built-in Meteotemplate feature, no CRON, WD updates Meteotemplate automatically (not via clientraw!)
  • Meteobridge – using the built-in Meteotemplate feature, no CRON, MB updates Meteotemplate automatically
  • WeatherCat – using the built-in Meteotemplate feature, no CRON, WC updates Meteotemplate automatically
  • WeeWX – using the built-in Meteotemplate feature, no CRON, WeeWx updates Meteotemplate automatically
  • Cumulus – in the Update setup you have Cumulus selected, CRON for update/update.php
  • Weather Underground – in the Update setup you have WU selected, CRON for update/update.php
  • MeteoHub, WView and other SW that generates some sort of a text file with current conditions – in the Update setup you have Custom file selected, CRON for update/update.php
  • WeatherLink – using the WL-IP plugin, CRON for the WL update script
  • WANET – using the Wanet plugin, CRON for the Wanet update script
  • NetAtmo – using the NetAtmo plugin, CRON for the NetAtmo plugin – this is the only plugin which still does not use the api and update for this plugin will be ready most likely tomorrow

The first four options above call the API directly, the others use either the update/update.php or a plugin to call the API indirectly.

Now comes the very important thing! The api.php creates a file named meteotemplateLive.txt. This file should be directly in your template root folder, alongside the index pages, the config, header etc.

Please double check you have this file in your template root folder. This WILL be necessary in the future updates of blocks and plugins (as mentioned above, the only exception right now are NetAtmo users, an update for the NetAtmo plugin will be ready soon). Obviously this also assumes you are using the latest template version (14.2). If not then you will not have it, but in such case you should not update any blocks/plugins anyway.

If you are using version 14.2 and you are not a user of NetAtmo you should have this file in your template root folder. If not then it means something is not right – most likely you are not using the latest version of the api.php or update/update.php and in such case you should make sure you use the correct file from the version 14 update package or from the full template file.

If you still can’t see it, please contact me, but before you do so please check you are using the correct way of updating the template (see the list above) and that all the files are up-to-date.

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