May 17, 2017 – Q/A

May 17, 2017 – Q/A

Hi guys,

some time ago I promised I will make these Q/A (question/answer) posts with common questions and answers to them, so I thought I will do the first one today. Feel free to ask anytime and if your question is something I believe others may find useful as well I will include it. The rule is – ask absolutely what you want and I will also answer absolutely what I want 😀

  1. Could you add the date of registration to the User Map plugin?
    I agree this would be a great improvement, unfortunately I do not have this information. I do not log when you registered, not to mention that up until v10 there was no registration.
  2. Do you plan on adding auto-updates for the API to Meteohub just like Meteobridge and Meteobridge Pro have?
    This unfortunately is not something I can do myself. This would have to be done by the developer of Meteohub, in this case Boris from Smartembedded. I have asked Boris about this, but I got a negative reply. My personal impression is that Boris now fully concentrates on MB Pro, which is the main source of income. It therefore seems very unlikely we will see direct support of Meteotemplate for Meteohub.
  3. I sometimes only see some of the cities specified in the World Weather block.
    This is a problem with Yahoo, very often the API is overloaded and returns no data. It is currently the only API that I know of which is free and allows bulk requests. All the other APIs, in their free option, have daily quota, which makes it impossible to do bulk requests because you would run out and exceed this quota.
  4. I use the Rapid Fire feature for Weather Underground and see my data in very short intervals, yet the WU update feature only gets data every 5 minutes.
    WU Rapid Fire is very specific and it is technically and legally impossible to get this data. WU also has XML channels, which are meant to be used by third-party services like Meteotemplate and which include the data in machine-readable format. This is exactly what the template uses for both the data import and the database updates. Data in this XML channel is provided in 5 minute intervals.
  5. Can I run two Meteotemplate instances on one server?
    Yes you can, you can simply create another folder on your server and upload all the template files into it. Just make sure you get the paths right. With regards to the MySQL database it depends. If for some reason you want both copies of Meteotemplate to use the same station data then you can leave the MySQL details same. Otherwise you obviously have to use different databases. It is not possible to use the same database for two stations because one database cannot have two tables with the same name (in this case alldata), so you will need a different database.

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  1. I also have two sites with Weathertemplate hosted at two different suppliers (OVH and 1 & 1).
    On the other hand my data, coming from Weatherlink IP, are processed by WeatherDisplay and there unfortunately I can only define one site with the API. I use WU for the second site.
    In WeatherDisplay when you configure Meteotemplate you can enter only one URL.

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  2. Regarding #5 confirming what Jachym answered: I have two different stations hosted on my server, and both are running Jachym’s Meteotemplate. They are each in their own directories pointed to from two different domains, and of course each one has its own database defined in MySQL. They work fine. I just have to be careful that I am in the proper template when doing updates.

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