Block Update – Current Conditions 13.0

Block Update – Current Conditions 13.0

Hi guys,

you can now optionally add current conditions icon using DarkSky API (i.e. interpolated METAR). When updating the block make sure you update all the files and also the icons folder. Then go to the Current block settings and either set this to true or false depending on whether you want to use it at all and whether it is reasonably accurate. Data is using the same cache file as the Outlook page and is refreshed every 15 minutes.



3 thoughts on “Block Update – Current Conditions 13.0

  1. Hi Jachym!
    Excelent idea to include darksky in this module, thank you sooooo much!!!
    Instead of just the current conditions icon, it is now also possible to add aditional info like current conditions text (summary) and cloud cover for instance 🙂
    The only drawback of this module is that if used in mobile, font-size is too small (this is also happening with other modules).
    Replacing the original “em” font sizes by the “px” format, both versions, desktop and mobile, became perfect as tested in a 15.6″ laptop and in a 5″ cell.

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