Plugin Update – NetAtmo 3.0

Plugin Update – NetAtmo 3.0

Hi guys,

this update brings compatibility of the NetAtmo with the API. As explained in previous posts, this plugin will now only send data in the right format to the API. The updates will now be handled by the api.php.

If you are updating this plugin you should proceed as follows:

  1. make a backup of the update/update.php in the NetAtmo plugin folder
  2. update the plugin by replacing the update/update.php and the version text file
  3. now your template should be updated via the api.php so MAKE SURE you have the api.php in the template root, it is part of all v14 templates
  4. double check your database is still being updated, you do not need to make any changes with regards to the CRON job URL, this can stay the same. You should also be able to tell it is now using the API by looking at the database times, they should now be nicely rounded (10:05:00, 10:10:00, 10:15:00 etc.)
  5. check that you now also have meteotemplateLive.txt in your template root folder


18 thoughts on “Plugin Update – NetAtmo 3.0

  1. Thanks for clarifying Jachym. Fortunately I haven’t updated yet…
    I may eventually set up a separate Meteotemplate installation and database for my Netatmo.

  2. Thanks Luc, but a few months ago Jachym made me a block that displays my Netatmo data on my main page, alongside all the info supplied to my database by my Vantage Vue. So my VV updates the database, whilst I can also see my Netatmo data on the same page. I might one day do what you suggest and set up a separate Meteotemplate installation and database for my Netatmo, but for now this works well for me.

    • Hi Simon,
      sorry, I probably forgot a bit… so, just to make it clear, your Vue updates db. NetAtmo was only used for the blocks? If so, then meteotemplateLive.txt will be created by Vue and you should revert to the original netAtmo plugin that I made for you because that will only create the NetAtmo-related files. This update was only to create the meteotemplateLive.txt, which for you is irrelevant because you have Vue doing this.

  3. Hi WessexWeather,
    When you want to show the data of two different weather stations in Meteotemplate, you will need to install two versions of meteotemplate.
    Eg in directories template and templateNetatmo. Each meteotemplate version needs to have its own database. The netAtmo data will be written to its own database (although you don’t need this data currently it can’t do no harm when it is stored in its own database).
    Hope this helps
    Cheers, luc

  4. Hi Jörgen,
    The api does not know how often it will get updated data.
    It can vary from once per 10 minutes for netAtmo stations to 2-3 seconds for real-time Vantage Pro/Vue data.
    In case of the current netAtmo update.php called by a 5-minute cron job the data will be written with an extra delay of 10 minutes (I do know why). I will work on a solution for the netAtmo update.php and sent Jachym a new version. Then the extra delay will only be a few seconds.

    • Hi Luc,
      Thank you for the information. If we knew everything in the world there would never be any problems. Unfortunately it’s not so, so all we can do is try and try again. I appreciate your effort 🙂

      Looking forward to a solution 🙂


  5. Hi,
    It kind of works for me. It updates with 10 min intervals, but the problem is that it’s a 10 min delay for the update in the database, which make an 20 min delay in total.

    For instance the update at 10:00 pm updates at 10:10 pm but doesn’t update in the database until 10:20 pm. That makes a delay for the update on the homepage with 20 min.

    • It depends what interval you set for the CRON. The problem is that this is what NetAtmo API provides… A workaround this would be sending data from NetAtmo to WU and using WU for the udpates, that would give you 5min data

      • Thank you for your answer.

        Ok. I don’t need 5 min data. 10 is ok, but the API update has a 10 min delay in the database update, which makes a 20 min delay on the homepage. I have set 15 min to show offline mode, and now it shows “offline” every 15 min for 5 min.

        CRON is set for 5 min. and it’s never been any problems with that before, and it works as supposed (no errors shown there).

        So the problem isn’t the 5 min. It’s that the database updates with 10 min delay.

        At 7:20 pm the database updates with 7: 10 pm time. That makes 20 min delay in total for the homepage. At 07:30 pm the database updates the 07:20 pm time and so forth.

        I don’t know if I’ve done something wrong, but I haven’t done anything but update the php file as instructed.

    • Hi,
      this is really strange, I dont get it, it is using the same API script as all the other update scripts – WLink, WD, Cumulus, WCat, Meteobridge…. it is the same script. The other issue is that I cannot test this myself…. hmmm… I need to see if this is a global problem or just you because I had another person testing this and it worked fine

  6. You did make me a block, yes, that shows my Natatmo data, but you also sent me a new update.php for the plugin so my database is NOT updated.
    My main station and database is powered by my Vantage Vue, but I am experimenting with a Netatmo. I do NOT want my database updated with the Netatmo data.

    • Hi,
      sorry I cant remember what special setup do you have? I think we only made a special block, but the plugin should be fine, do you have api.php in template root?
      It is crucial you update because you need to have meteotemplateLive.txt in the template root folder, this will be essential in the future.

    • It was tested by one user with NetAtmo and it worked fine so Im not sure why it wouldnt work for you as well. As far as I remember we only made a unique block, not any change in the plugin

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