New Plugin – Climate – Custom

New Plugin – Climate – Custom

Hi guys,

something many of you asked for… Very often I got comments regarding the default template climate map. I explained that the number of locations on that map is limited because even to put together this took me over 2 months and there really is no way I could include all places on Earth… I had to gather data from over 50 different sources and put them into the same format.

Obviously, however, you might have better data for your particular location and so now is your chance to replace the default climate page with this plugin, which will use data you provide in the plugin setup. The only issue is therefore obviously the fact you will have to find the data yourself, if for some parameter you cannot find it, use the one that is in the default climate map closest to you.

There is no DEMO for this plugin because it looks exactly the same as the default climate pages and only change is that it uses your custom data specified in the plugin setup.


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