Block Update – Soil 4.0

Block Update – Soil 4.0

Hi guys,

finally updated the Soil block. It will now use data from the API. The only exception is Cumulus users. Instructions for Cumulus users are given in the block. I re-organized the format of this block, it now supports up to  4 soil temperature and soil mositure sensors. The leaf wetness info was removed from this block, I will make a separate one for this because they are not really related.

  • redesign
  • added support for more soil moisture sensors
  • added compatibility with the API
  • added block title
  • optimization (size reduction by 90%)

DEMO (demo uses dummy data, I don´t have these sensors myself)


3 thoughts on “Block Update – Soil 4.0

  1. In the old version my updates where done by a clientraw file.
    In the new version api is the default methode and in de blockdiscription it says “assuming the software or update option you are using supports these parameters and sends them to the API”. How do i know what parameters are send to the api? I use a Meteobridge and in the datascreen i see soiltemp and leafwetness, but all data in Meteotemplate is zero (0).
    Is there a place where i can download the old version?

    • Hi Gerard,
      you need to check your meteotemplateLive.txt. In that file there should be TS1, TS2 etc. values. If they are not there it is a bug in Meteobridge and needs to be solved.
      Email me link to the meteotemplateLive.txt in your template root and screenshot of what you see in your MB live console. If there is a bug in Meteobridge it must be solved by Boris. Using old version is not a solution because you and others would run into other problems sooner or later. The API must work fine, using old version is not a solution and will cause problems in other blocks.

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