Regional Blocks/Plugins

Regional Blocks/Plugins

Hi guys,

sometimes I get asked if I could make a block/plugin for a particular country. My goal is to have at least something for every country where there are some Meteotemplate users. Unfortunately it is sometimes a bit difficult for me because often the data sources are only in the language spoken in that particular country and I admit I do not speak all the languages spoken in the 50 countries where MT users are 😀 So it is a bit difficult sometimes to find the right info and also for example to be able to understand the Terms and Conditions and trying to figure out if I can use it or not.
In addition, you obviously know more than just the official national weather service website so it might be possible you know about other, better sources.

If, therefore, you would like to see some new block/plugin for your country, which is not yet available, feel free to ask if it would be possible, but please make sure you include the following info in your email:

  1. URL of the page where I can get the data from – if you want a block or a plugin which has to use external data (not just things that can be calculated from your station data – i.e. current conditions in other cities, forecasts, air quality etc.) you need to give me some source.
  2. make sure you check the Terms and Conditions (copyright) – if it is not permitted to reproduce the content even for non-commercial purposes it is unfortunately not possible to use

One good example of this is Switzerland. There are quite a few users from Switzerland, unfortunately the official weather service has all the data protected and only available for purchase, nothing can be used from this webpage. I know no other usable data source so there is nothing specific for Switzerland.

The point of this post is to let you know I am more than happy to add things specific to your country, so don´t be hesitant to email me, in the worst case I will just say it is not possible depending on your particular suggestion, but I will definitely look at it. Also however make sure you include the above information, if you just say “can you make a block with XY” without giving any source I would ask you for it anyway.


1 thought on “Regional Blocks/Plugins

  1. Hi Jachym!
    This is just to thank you again and again for the 3 blocks you have already created for Portugal (radar, forecast, current) and for the new modules that you may create in the future 🙂
    These blocks are FANTASTIC and now I couldn’t live without them anymore 🙂
    In fact, the meteotemplate national blocks, really make a difference because since data is specific for our own country/location, they usually have greater accuracy and our meteotemplate websites become much more reliable/interesting for the local comunity.
    Keep up the good work… and you guys, out there, don’t be shy and ask for national modules! Jachym, “the code magician”, will turn them into reality, sooner or later 🙂

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