New Block – Leaf

New Block – Leaf

Hi guys,

this new block shows leaf wetness and leaf temperature. Up to 4 sensors are supported for each and data is loaded automatically from the API file depending on what is available.


  • leaf wetness for up to 4 sensors, including description
  • leaf temperature for up to 4 sensors
  • fully localized

DEMO (uses dummy data because I don´t have these sensors)


4 thoughts on “New Block – Leaf

    • Hi,
      it is actually relatively simple.
      In general blocks are for everyone. But there are exceptions.
      First exception is relatively obvious – for example if you want to use the Webcam plugin, you obviously need a webcam, similarly, using GrLevelX block means you need this SW. But this I think is quite obvious.
      Then the second exception is blocks which deal with not the database, but current conditions. So this would be for example Current, Gauges, Steel series Gauges, Leaf, Soil and there will be more in the future.
      In these cases we can divide the SW into two groups – those with support of the API built-into the SW – WeatherDisplay, Meteobridge, WeatherCat and WeeWx and those where the developer did not include it and I tried to achieve at least partial support, this would be Cumulus, WU, WeatherLink, NetAtmo and Wanet.
      In the case of the second group, the current conditions blocks might not work 100% or in some cases at all because the format of how they report data is not consistent and often very different to how the block works, trying to figure out what exactly the SW does, if it is available at all, making custom modifications for each is beyond my time possibilities and so if you are not using one of the direct API-supporting SW you have to be careful about these blocks.
      Anything else that uses just external data, data from the database etc. will work fine for everyone.

    • Only partially. Originally Cumulus did not support the API at all, I now added partial support, but I mentioned before that those SW which don´t have API support will have full basic functionality, but some blocks/plugins/features might not be available. I asked Steve about this, but he said he will not add MT support to Cumulus so not much I can do about this.

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