New Block – GFS

New Block – GFS

Hi guys,
I have always wanted to create a block for the GFS (Global Forecast System) model. It was, however, relatively difficult to find usable data and there was quite a lot of information that somehow needed to be squeezed into a block.
Now finally I think it is in a state I wanted it to be and is definitely one of the most complex and informative blocks.

Main features:
– GFS model forecast for the Northern Hemisphere for the upcoming 16 days (sometimes you will less, this depends on which time of the day you look at it, the model calculation takes a lot of time)
– overview meteogram
– all the ensembles for the different parameters (temperature, precipitation, pressure, wind speed)
– interactive tables for all parameters (temperature, precipitation, dew point, wind speed, humidity, wind gust, pressure) and the meteogram
– literally hundreds of maps, regions include Europe and North America, Caribbean and Middle East. There are both regional as well as more global maps of temperature, wind speed, dew point, temperature anomaly, precipitation, snow depth, CAPE and wind gust. Using a slider below the map you can move in time.
– information about the GFS model as such

Best thing would be to see it for yourself, no setup required, works out of the box and data is reloaded every 3 hours 🙂



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