Meteobridge – Backport

Meteobridge – Backport

Hi guys,

I have some very good news for Meteobridge users. As you know from my previous post, Meteobridge updates are now free only for two years and after that you need to pay extra 20 euros for another 2 years of support. In case of Meteotemplate the problem was that the Meteobridge templates were missing the UNIX timestamp parameter, which in practice means you could not do a manual HTTP request for the API script and therefore rely on the built-in one, which is hard-coded and potentially problematic in case I need to make some modifications to the API.

Boris added the UNIX timestamp parameter to the Meteobridge templates, but this update was part of version 3.3, which is no longer available to users who did not pay for the extra support and have been using Meteobridge for more than 2 years.

The good news now is that after some discussion with Boris he agreed to do a backport – this means ALL users, regardless of whether they paid extra or not, will get this update as part of version 3.2. This actually means the potential API problem is solved because in case I really need to modify the API, you will have to set up the request manually, but you will still be able to do it, so even users who do not want to pay for the extra support, will be able to update Meteotemplate 🙂

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