New Block – Station Deviations

New Block – Station Deviations

Hi guys,

in this block you provide monthly long-term averages or normals for temperature and precipitation. The block will then calculate the deviations from your station. In addition you can set up whether or not you want to display the current, so far incomplete, month and how many months should be displayed by default.



2 thoughts on “New Block – Station Deviations

  1. Just a question:
    What is the minimum period which i shall consider as long-term in order to get the averages or normals? 3,5 or more years?
    I have installed my station since September of 2015.
    Thanks in advance.

    • This depends, Meteotemplate simply uses the entire period available (longest possible). When you want to look at “real” long-term or normals, you would have to use 30 years

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