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Jun 6, 2017 – Q/A

Jun 6, 2017 – Q/A

Hi guys,

another set of common questions/answers and tips.

  1. Can I modify the language files? Can I add my own strings?
    Theoretically yes of course, but I highly recommend you don´t do that. These files are actually generated automatically from a database. This means that when I add new words, I add them to the language database on my server and when you then want to download them, they are generated from this database. What this means is that if you add something new, once I update the files myself you will not be able to download this update unless you overwrite the changes you made. It also does not help me if you send me your modified file because again, it has to be added to the database and that will also include it in the language files.
  2. I changed the default city in one of the blocks, but the template keeps on loading the original one. When I go to the block settings, however, I see my new option specified?
    Yes, this makes sense. The problem is that in many cases these blocks use caching and if you change the settings in order for it to be reflected you either have to delete the “cache” folder inside that particular block folder, or you have to wait before the cache expires (this is variable, sometimes it can be just a few minutes, sometimes hour or more and sometimes even more than that, this always depends on a particular data source and the update interval of the source).
  3. How can I change the URL of my page on the user map? There is still my old one and I now have a different one?
    You cannot do this yourself, but you can always email me and I will change it globally.
  4. I was trying to download some blocks and plugins recently and it showed “Page not found”. I then tried going to the main website and same problem. However some other pages worked fine.
    Yes… I know about this and this unfortunately is a problem when I try to upload something from my laptop. It just freezes occasionally and when this happens during the upload, the folders are incomplete and the page shows as Page not found. The Blog and the Demo are separately on the server so these usually work fine. Trust me guys, it really is frustrating but I cannot do more. I always try to fix it as soon as possible, so you just have to bear with me and try later.

One last thing I would like to say is that you are always welcome to email me (probably the best way to contact me), it just might take a bit longer now for me to reply since I recently had to extend my part-time job working hours. However I will always try to reply within 24h, if I cannot solve the problem or fully answer your question, I would at least let you know that I know about you.

And also important – I always prioritize support over development. Unless there is some serious bug or a problem that needs urgent fix, I will always look first at your problems before developing new things. The reason you might sometimes see me releasing something before replying to you is simply because I often create things and do not release them immediately even though they are finished. But I will always try to help you when I have the time and resources to do so.

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