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New plugins – Live Gauges for Cumulus and Live Gauges for Meteobridge

New plugins – Live Gauges for Cumulus and Meteobridge

These plugins do the exact same thing as the WD Live Gauges introduced previously. For Cumulus, it is just as simple to set up as for WD, just instead of the clientraw.txt you specify path to your realtime.txt.

Meteobridge is slightly more tricky and the install instructions are given below.



see install instructions for WD Live Gauges – http://meteotemplate.com/blog/?p=274


The difference between WD and Cumulus and Meteobridge is that we first have to create the actual text file with the current conditoins in correct format so that it can then be used by the gauges. This text file will be called mbLive and will be saved in the same directory as the plugin. Once we make sure this file is created and being updated on the server, the install instructions are the same as for WD Live Gauges, just instead of clientraw.txt it will use the generated mbLive.txt.

Creating mbLive.txt

It is in fact really simple because everything will be done automatically by the scripts, you do not have to worry about setting the units, paths etc. All you have to do is this:
Go to your meteobridge control panel and select the Push Services tab. In this tab you will already have one HTTP request, which is the one that updates your main database. Now we want to create a new request, which will be creating the mbLive.txt. You must therefore create this new HTTP request and use the following URL:


In the above URL, provide the absolute path to your template at the beginning and then, make sure that the very last parameter, “password“, corresponds to the adminPassword you have set in your config.php – again this is just a security measure so that no-one else can access the script. Once you have that, copy the URL to the appropriate field and set the interval. Now, this time you can use any interval you want. It should however be shorter than the db update interval, otherwise there really is no point in using this plugin because you can use your built-in gauges in the core template already. When setting the update interval keep in mind two things:
– the interval at which your station reports – obviously, if your station only sends data once every 30s, there is no point in setting the interval to 10s, which would just put load on your bandwith
– bandwidth load – I suggest that you do not use anything shorter than 10s

Once this is done, click save and you can leave the meteobridge control panel. The rest is the same as for WD Live Gauges (http://meteotemplate.com/blog/?p=274) – i.e. check the settings.php, upload the files and as soon as you upload the directory to your plugins directory, mbLive should be created shortly and gauges should start showing current data.

DEMO – please note: the demo uses dummy random data and the WD gauges, but it is exactly the same for the other SW. To see all versions simply view the demo and then replace index.php by index2.php, …. , index5.php

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