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Jun 22, 2017 – Q/A

Jun 22, 2017 – Q/A

Hi guys,

another set of common questions/answers and tips.

  1. Can you include humidex in the statistics?
    Humidex is calculated using temperature and humidity and only when the temperature is above 25°C. Similarly, wind chill is calculated using temperature and wind speed, and only when the temperature is below 7°C. Apparent temperature is sort of a combination of both – it uses temperature, humidity and wind speed and can be calculated for any temperature. It is therefore the most accurate representation of the “feels like” index. In addition the problem with humidex is that there are several formulas used in different countries.
  2. Some characters in the menu are not showing up correctly in my language. How can I fix this?
    When specifying names of tabs in the Menu setup, if you want to use characters not included in the English alphabet, the safest thing to do is always to use the HTML code of the corresponding character, there are many pages about this, here is one.
  3. I see some strange language strings, for example “directionN” instead of just N, why?
    This means your language files are not up-to-date. This problem is common for people using the template in English language because most of the strings appear correctly even if the language file is not up-to-date. In some cases, however, such as the one above, the word will not be shown correctly. Make sure you keep your language files up-to-date as well by going to the Translations page and downloading the corresponding files.
  4. I am trying to set up the CRON job on my server, but it is not working. When I try the URL in a browser it works fine.
    Some servers don´t like the question mark in the URL, separating the password parameter. In the server command line where you are specifying the URL try using a space instead of the question mark (eg. instead of …php?pass=… use …php pass=)
  5. How can I change the Czech flag in the footer?
    Please don´t 🙂 Yours is in the header and much larger 🙂


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