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A new plugin is now available. This one is all about carbon dioxide (CO2). The plugin consists of several pages, which show information with regards to CO2 concentrations and emissions. This includes both current and past data, which is presented using interactive tables, graphs and also maps.

Main features
current CO2 concentrations (Mauna Loa, global average)
weekly averages (current and past data since 1974)
monthly averages (current and past data since 1958) with annual comparisons
annual data and graphs since 1958
comparison of current data with past data
prehistorical levels of CO2 on Earth (determined using data from air bubbles trapped in the Antarctic or Greenland ice sheets)
global distribution of greenhouse gas emissions by country, economic sector and gas
interactive map (country colors or bubbles) of CO2 concentrations for world countries with a slider to move through years (annual data, cumulative data, per capita data, per GDP data)
sortable tables and graphs of CO2 emissions by country and by years (annual data, cumulative data, per capita data, per GDP data)

– download the zip file
– upload to your plugins directory
– add link to the menu
– done 🙂

Detailed description
This plugin consists of several pages all related to CO2.

First page includes data measured at the Mauna Loa observatory, which is the official site of CO2 measurement since 1958. The page allows you to look at both the most recent data as well as data from the past, grouped by weeks, months and years. You can compare particular years with one another as well as display graphs for just a particular year. The data is cached and updated once per day.

Second page is more or less the same as the Mauna Loa page, except this time it is not data from Mauna Loa, but rather global averages estimated by the NOAA-ESRL Cooperative Air Sampling Network.

Next page shows you CO2 concentrations in the distant past. The data is determined using data from air bubbles trapped in the Antarctic ice sheets, in particular from the Vostok and Edica station. This data goes as far back as 800 thousand years ago.

Distributions page shows you a global breakdown of greenhouse gas emissions by gas, country and economic sector.

Map page is an interactive map, where you first selected your desired parameter (annual CO2 concentrations, cumulative CO2 concentrations, CO2 concentrations per capita and CO2 concentrations per GDP). Then by moving the slider below the map you can change years, starting from 1751 until 2012 (obviously not all countries have data available for the entire time span). You can also switch between colored map and map with bubbles, where bubble size represents the actual value.

Last four pages are all the same, just displaying different parameters. You can view data for particular country in a graph and there is also a table with data for all the countries, which can be sorted and you can choose years you want to be displayed.

Looking at the actual data…..scary….


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