Block Update – Forecast 7.0

Block Update – Forecast 7.0

Hi guys,

in this new version I added translation of the WxSIM plaintext.txt.

There is however few things I need to mention:

  • you all know that I never wanted to do this because I have no access to WxSIM and there is no documentation with the list of strings used making it very difficult to work with for me or to test things out
  • even if all the strings are included, the translation will never be perfect, simply because each language is different, the goal here is only to make it understandable, not gramatically and stylistically 100% perfect
  • it uses my own Meteotemplate plaintext language parser and take this as experimental feature, this is the best I can do and if it does not work well I will remove it, as mentioned previously, this is the best I can do, I have spent hours with it, but without having access to the SW and being able to test things and without documentation it is very difficult and I do not want to spend more time with it, in fact as you know I never wanted to do this in the first place, but in the end I thought I will at least give it a try
  • if your template language is set to GB or US language, the file will stay untouched because trying to translate it could only make it worse
  • many new strings were added to the langauge database because of this. This also means that you will have to submit the corresponding translations, I will add them (as soon as possible, but this can take 1-2 days) and then you will need to download the updated language file.


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