DEMO Station – Update

DEMO Station – Update

Hi guys,

just a quick update regarding my station. I came home very late from work yesterday so today I finally had time to look at it on daylight for first time. The good news is that the outdoor sensor transmitter is not damaged and works fine. I glued the plastic arm together again and attached it to the metal pole. It was a relatively windy day today with gusts over 50km/h so it was a good way to test the durability of this fix and so far so good – it remained together 😀

I was not able to find the solar shield, that one is gone, but it was in fact not the original one anyway, it was one I made myself from flowerpots so I will buy a few flowerpots again on Monday and create a new one, it got colder here on Thursday, not much sunshine, so for now the station is not protected against sunlight, but it does not matter that much.

I also decided to relocate the station so that this does not happen again. The only problem with this is that the station is now further away from my console which receives data from it. I moved the console in my flat as close to the outdoor sensor as possible. However, when the weather is very bad (heavy rain, thunderstorm etc.), it can happen that some updates will be missed, in which case there would be occasional gaps. These should not affect the DEMO too much, just that in case you see this, it is something that I know about.


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