Meteotemplate 15.0 – Extra Parameters

Meteotemplate 15.0 – Extra Parameters

Hi guys,

probably the major new feature about version 15 is something many of you asked so many times – logging of the extra sensor data. This was absolutely impossible previously, it only became potentially possible with the introduction of unified API, but only in v14 the API was finally available to all.

I had to think a bit about how to go about this and the current mechanism will hopefully work ideally. You select what you want to log from what is available and that will be saved in alldataExtra table, thus not slowing down any current database queries regarding the main variables like temperature, humidity etc. You can also add new columns in the future if you for example buy a new extra sensor.

I decided not to include scripts using this data in the main template file. First, it would only be in v16 earliest, now I just need to first make sure the updates work as such and that the data is being correctly saved and imported. Second reason is that many people – including me – only have the basic set of sensors and this would be redundant.

Last but not least and this is actually related to the previous point – since I do not have any of these sensors, it will be much more difficult to develop these scripts, not impossible, but difficult because obviously testing is very limited if you have no data… my provider also does not allow connecting to any external db, so even if some of you were willing to share data (which I know many of you would be happy to do so), it is technically not possible.

However I should say that I have in fact already done it with the solar radiation which is a sensor I also don’t have. It just takes a bit more time and is potentially more likely to have bugs. And thats exactly the other reason why I want this to be separate, in the form of plugins and blocks – because if something goes wrong, updating a block/plugin is much easier for both you and me and can be done much more frequently. Having these scripts separate is therefore better option. It also means that it might take some time before you will start seeing scripts that will use this new alldataExtra table, but there is no need to rush now since the data is (hopefully) already going to the database.


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