Extra sensor – Sunshine Hours

Extra sensor – Sunshine Hours

Hi guys,

I did find a small bug in one of the scripts, I have already updated the download files.

This bug only affects you if you selected the Sunshine Hours logging in the new Extra sensors page – do not confuse with Solar radiation, this is Sunshine hours. If you did so, then the problem is that I made a copy/paste error and forgot to replace “NL” with “SS”, so the sunshine hours column in the table was saved under the name of “noise level”. If you did this, please go to your PHPMyAdmin and in the alldataExtra just rename the “NL” column to “SS”. My guess it that not many of you have a heliogram so this hopefully will not affect too many people.

If you do not know what to do and you did enable “sunshine hours”, then email me.


1 thought on “Extra sensor – Sunshine Hours

  1. Hi
    the sunshine hours appear to be only using to the nearest hour which I believe is as api documentation according to Brain (WD).
    I had assumed incorrectly that it was saved as a decimal value, but the database has a decimal value, i.e. after sunset today it shows SS value as 5.0.
    now WD reports a sunshine hours of 5hrs59min which is being rounded down to 5 for the api I would of expected the value to have been 5.9 or even 6.0. yesterday I had 54min of sunshine and that showed as 0.0 in the database when it should have had 0.9 this is making the database inaccurate

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