New plugin – Australia Weather Warnings

New plugin is now available.

This plugin shows weather warnings for regions in Australia.

– download zip file and extract
– open index.php in a text-editor
– at the top where it says “deafultArea” fill in the abbreviation for the region you want to load by default upon loading the page
– below it specify the cache time in hours
– save and close
– upload all the files to your plugins directory
– in the menu add a link to index.php


1 thought on “New plugin – Australia Weather Warnings

  1. Hi Jachym,
    Been meaning to let you know about this and just keeps slipping my mind.
    When using the Block “AustraliaWarnings” it works perfect for anything including Severe Weather Warnings (.ie. they display in popup correctly along with images etc. (same for other users and for all states = not just me).
    However , when using the Plugin “WarningsAustralia” it displays all warnings for all states in the slide/down display, but not for any type of “Severe Weather” alert warning, even though they do in the Block version.
    Any thoughts.
    Kind Regards,

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