Block Update – Current Conditions 15.0

Block Update – Current Conditions 15.0

Hi guys,

this is a major update of the Current Conditions block. In this update I added a brand new “dashboard”, which shows detailed information about current conditions.


  • detailed current conditions dashboard
  • includes new parameters such as heat index, humidex, wet-bulb temperature, indoor temperature, saturation water vapor pressure, station/sea-level pressure, absolute humidity etc.
  • now uses combination of API and database
  • auto-scaling depending on sensor availability (the dashboard will look different depending on whether you do or do not have solar and UV sensor) – ideally use in a wide column (DEMO) or as header block (DEMO)
  • dashboard colors based on alltime extremes
  • database values: daily max solar radiation, rain rate
  • added smart caching to ensure very fast loading and possibility of quick update intervals
  • optimization – more features, 50% smaller size 🙂


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