Bug Fixes 15.0

Bug Fixes 15.0

Hi guys,

I think hopefully all the bugs were discovered by now. There is in fact just a few things related to the new extra sensors.


  • extra sensor logging for users not using the API directly – if you are using one of the software, which does not support Meteotemplate (Cumulus, WeatherLink, Meteohub etc.), then it is absolutely crucial you apply this fix, otherwise your extra sensor data will not be saved to the database
  • fixed UV decimals – I made a change in the UV logging feature, originally it was saving UV as a whole number, now it is with 1 decimal place
  • fixed sunshine hours – this is something I already mentioned here in the blog, it fixes the logging of sunshine hours

I have updated the update and main template files, so people who download these from now on, do not need this fix. Those of you already using version 15 will need this.

The instructions how to apply it are in a readme file inside the package. I did not make a script that would copy the files automatically, simply because there are in fact just three files to copy and it should take a few seconds. But make absolutely sure you follow all the steps in the readme file.

The fixes can be downloaded, as always, from the main Downloads page -> Bug fixes (in the menu on the left). You do not need a download token for this.


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