New Plugin – Precipitation Analysis

New Plugin – Precipitation Analysis

Hi guys,

this new plugin concentrates on precipitation. I know that the default pages don´t show all the info you might want so I decided to make this additional plugin for those who want to see more precipitation data.

  • annual totals + interpolated total for current year
  • monthly totals, averages
  • comparison with normal values (specified in plugin setup page based on long term averages for your location)
  • calculation of days with precipitation above thresholds specified in setup
  • visual annual heatmaps
  • overall extremes
  • longest dry/wet periods
  • cumulative totals
  • zoomable timeline of all data
  • percentage ratios
  • sortable tables + interactive graphs
  • optimized for very fast loading without caching, so all data is calculated in realtime



5 thoughts on “New Plugin – Precipitation Analysis

  1. I would very much appreciate using this plugin however importing rain data is a bit of a struggle when using WeatherLink? Would it be possible to have a basic page with two columns: all the dates from the beginning of the database and an input text form for entering daily rain total for each date? The current way to edit data is somewhat tiresome when you must go ever years of rain data.

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