Plugin Update – Precipitation Analysis 2.0

Plugin Update – Precipitation Analysis 2.0

Hi guys,

this one turned out to be quite popular so I added a few extra things:

  • added possibility to set dry day threshold (i.e. a value which still counts as “dry day”. You can now set the defaults in the setup and user can then change this themselves on the page)
  • improved rounding
  • minor bug fixes


Note: Don´t forget that if you are updating this plugin you need to re-save your settings and specify the new parameters, even if you want to leave everything default, you have to hit Save to refresh the settings file.


2 thoughts on “Plugin Update – Precipitation Analysis 2.0

    • No technology… just careful planning and thought out loading and data processing… if I were to write MT from scratch today it would probably all load like this… But it takes time to think it all through and one thing I always say to explain all this is that over the last 2yrs I learned PHP and all other languages, by doing MT and so the very early pages are just a nightmare…

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