Poll of the Week – Jul 19, 2017

Poll of the Week – Jul 19, 2017

Hi guys,

last time I asked you about the design again and I have to say I am happy with the results again 😀 Majority of you prefer simple, clean design rather than fancy 3D effects and shadows. I myself prefer this as well, it is also the current trend in web design and most importantly, I have mostly designed Meteotemplate this way so the results show you (hopefully) more or less like the overall appearance.

This week I have a more difficult question. Often some of you suggest things and unfortunately, it is absolutely impossible to make everyone happy. To illustrate my point, I will use a simple generalized and simplified example:

  1. person 1 wants feature A
  2. person 2 wants feature B instead of A
  3. person 3 wants simple, fast and straight forward set up (usually out-of-the box functionality)

Now let’s look at the options I have:

  • implement feature A – person 1 and 3 are satisfied, person 2 not
  • implement feature B – person 2 and 3 are satisfied, person 1 not
  • implement both A and B and let you choose this in the settings – person 1 and 2 are satisfied, person 3 not

There is of course many other examples, not just with regards to settings, but in these situations, I simply have to go with the majority. Similar thing is updates. Some people would prefer more frequent, smaller updates, while others want less frequent updates, but with more new features. Again, something I simply have to choose one or the other.

Last but not least, there is obviously also limited time I have so I cannot always implement everything or add options to set up every single font size or icon.

Still, this week the question is related to the above example. I cannot guarantee I will always base my decisions on the results, but I will definitely take them into account. Your opinion and ideas are always welcomed and taken into account, I am not creating Meteotemplate for myself  the way I want it to look (well… to a certain extent yes, but :D)

Enjoy 🙂

3 thoughts on “Poll of the Week – Jul 19, 2017

  1. There are of course two other options:

    Do nothing: Person 1 & 2 are unhappy but presumably person 3 remains happy.

    However we still have inequality in the happiness/unhappiness department.

    Therefore we could choose the final option.

    Implement C & D with settings: Everyone is unhappy

    Not ideal granted, but at least there is no inequality 🙂

    • Hi Greg,
      yes you are right, but I probably should have said “do it in a way A” or “do it in a way B”, rather than “feature”, in other words we have a situation where things are done either that way or that way and cannot be done both ways at the same time

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