1 thought on “Plugin Update – Precipitation Analysis 2.1

  1. Hi Jachym,

    The Precipitation Analysis plugin is for me the most valuable item in Meteotemplate!
    Looking at the weather data in Suriname, the only interesting component is the rain.
    The temperatures and humidities are very regular the year around, no ice, snow, hurricanes or earthquakes. Very rare a smal, local tornado which effects only a couple of streets.
    But rain is an interesting weather component here.
    We have four seasons:
    short wet period in dec-jan,
    short dry period (with still a lot of rain) in feb-apr,
    long wet period in may-jul
    and long dry period in aug-nov.
    This plugin show several rain (or dry) period facts I did not know about the local weather.

    Thanks a lot!

    Cheers, Luc

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