Flexbox – continued

Flexbox – continued

Hi guys,

ok, thanks to all for your feedback, unfortunately, seems like despite the initial optimism, there is a major issue with this new layout. As it turns out, not suprisingly, this new mode does not work in Internet Explorer. The result in IE is unusable and looking this up on the internet I found this is a well-known issue and something that has to do with the incompatibility of IE. I have mentioned in the past that this browser is a nightmare for all developers, unfortunately this issue affects even the latest version of it, IE 11 (you can try….).

The question now is what to do… It obviously works perfectly and it works perfectly even on portable devices (phones, tablets), something I was always struggling with. However if I use this, the page will be unusable in IE, it is unable to wrap the elements to a new line, resulting in a long overflowing row of elements.

It is now therefore down to the question how many people really use IE. The way I look at it is that this is a browser I would never recommend to anyone for all sorts of reasons, a browser which is no longer supported by even Microsoft (replaced by Edge, in which Flexbox works perfectly fine) and everyone who cannot use Edge (non-Win10 users) can install any of the free, much better, alternatives – Chrome, Opera, FireFox.

On the other hand, there might still be individuals using this and as mentioned previously, if I start using Flexbox in the template, your page will not be usable in IE.

Looking at some statistics, IE seems to be used by about 1.8% of people visiting meteotemplate.com.

I guess I am sort of stuck at this point because this is obviously a problem where no matter which solution I try, will always have disadvantages….

4 thoughts on “Flexbox – continued

  1. Very few of my visitors use IE, if Google Analytics is to be believed. Mind you my visitor numbers are quite small and so probably not a fair sample.

    And, yes, IE has been a right proper pain for years.

  2. 15% are using Trident (IE) (11,645 visits, 2,991 unique visitors in June 2017). 18% in June 2016.
    Maybe you should wait a bit before using this new layout. Trident users are slowly decreasing.

  3. Hmm thats a pitty about 11 % of my visitors use IE 11 , I think the most part of visitors of meteotemplate are not the general users of an OS a lot of people use IE or Edge because it’s standard in Windows, (even my wife uses IE11 , I can’t convince her to use another browser 🙁

    The solution might be to display a message by example ‘this site is accesseble by any browser except IE ;-} ‘

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