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Q/A – Aug 3, 2017

Q/A – Aug 3, 2017

Hi guys,

another set of common questions/answers and tips.

  1. Have you thought about translating the wiki as well?
    Yes, but I came to the conclusion that it simply would not work. First, I make changes to the wiki very often and this would be a problem. Second, to certain extent I want to make sure that people who use the template either have at least some basic knowledge of English, or that they are able to use some kind of translator that will make it understandable. This is because apart from Czech I always reply in English. For this reason it would only make sense to translate the wiki to Czech – but in this case I have to take into account the amount of time this would take and the number of users. In conclusion, the wiki will remain only in English. However, Meteotemplate is already being discussed at several foreign forums in other languages as well, so when someone is completely lost, other users will surely try to help.
  2. I changed the color scheme of my template, but do not see the change.
    Most likely the old setting has been cached by your browser. To refresh the cache, press CTRL+F5 (in Chrome, Opera and FireFox).
  3. Why is the extra sensors database in metric units even though my alldata table is in imperial?
    This is because the extra sensor table uses the API and metric units are used by the API. If I was to start from scratch today I would have made alldata also in fixed units because it makes things a lot easier for me and for you as a user it is irrelevant because the units in the database can, but do not have to be the same units you then see on your page.
  4. Are there any plans regarding the Android app for Meteotemplate?
    Definitely not. This was only an experiment, more or less I just wanted to see what it takes to create a mobile app. However creating a mobile app is so different to web programming, uses completely different workflow and languages and so I will concentrate on web development, there is still quite a lot to learn 🙂 Not to mention that I never actually saw the result on a real phone 😀
  5. I have a problem with the mobile version of the page, on iPad the menu auto-opens.
    Yes, this is a problem I am aware of, but unfortunately, as you know, Safari only works on Apple devices. I have no access to any Apple device. Just knowing “it does not work” is unfortunately not enough information to try to fix the problem. Replacing the menu by a different script would be possible, though quite time consuming, and most importantly, given I would again not see the result, it could result in the same problem. At this point all I can say is that the template is offered as is and in some situations, it might not work as expected – you would be totally right in saying that this is my problem, that´s absolutely true, but that´s about all I can say about it. In this particular case one of you would have to be able and willing to inspect the console and try to pinpoint the issue, then modify the code and see if it helped and if yes, send me the modified version. I would then of course be more than happy to include it in next template update.
  6. Can I install more than one Meteotemplate on one server in a different folder?
  7. Does the template still use clientraw.txt?
    No, or at least not if you are using Weather Display. Clientraw.txt is still used in case of the Meteohub plugin for Meteohub users.

Last is a question I got a few days ago and found it rather funny, but there you go, here is the answer 😀
Jachym, do users from the Czech Republic have any advantages?
Originally I wanted to reply “no”, but when I thought about it… yes they do. Always 100% complete translation, possibility to get support in a language other than English and last but not least – have their own country flag in the footer 🙂


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