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Downloads disabled

Downloads disabled

Hi guys,

regretfully, due to some personal reasons and due to some other long-term issues associated with Meteotemplate, I decided to disable all block, plugin and template downloads as well as developing further scripts.

It was a very hard decision to make, but I want to emphasize that this does not mean the end of Meteotemplate. It only means that I need to sort out some things and need to decide how to go about developing and supporting Meteotemplate further.

Thanks for your understanding


27 thoughts on “Downloads disabled

  1. Jachym,

    What you have achieved is amazing, even if you never did another thing with MT I would be eternally grateful.

    If there is any way in which I can help or advise just let me know.

    All the best,

  2. Hello Jachym.

    Being a new comer to this and I have only had the first step into Meteotemplate and you have developed.

    1. You have done an amazing work developing and providing an effective, effecient and configurable framework.

    2. In the short time I have followed your work, I believe the continual improvements cannot be understated.

    3. As much as I was disappointed when I read this, I understand and your comments reinforced your personnel fortitude and commitment.

    4. Once you sought out the future model, it I my time to support you.

  3. Hi Jachym
    Take a well earned break. Your support and dedication is outstanding, but naturally this comes at a cost.
    Your health & happiness should be a priority to you.

    Take care my friend and I look forward to communicating with you in the future.

    Kind regards


  4. Supporting a growing base of unceasingly casual users will aways come with severe challenges.

    I don’t think it is possible to support everyone in every demand and question and still develop. A good piece of software will eventually form a good community to support it. People like being moderators and they can work together to support the growing user base and only ask you questions when the answer isn’t known.

    You’ve just fixed the biggest support hurdle in the upgrade process too.

    The biggest advantage of this being your project you don’t charge for is that you don’t need to work on it at any given speed. You can take two months off and so what. You can make one block this month and all is still well.

    Keeping it fun is important, and supporting the global users is not fun and keeps you from doing what you’re here for: coding, not telling 10 people to read the manual.

    You can probably also offload the downloads onto a cdn file host for reducing or eliminating your hosting load due to downloads. Even github public repos are free.

  5. Hello Jachym, also from my side a great thank you. You have my greatest respect, for your work and for your decision. Hope to hear from you soon. But take your time …. Alex

  6. No more speculations about the reasons of your break – take the time you need, Jachym, to think things over.
    We’ll all be happy when Meteotemplate will be back again – and await that moment patiently.
    A big thanks again for all your work!

  7. Hi Jachym
    Just want to say thanks for you’re amazing work. What you have achieved in a relative short time is breathtaking. Take the time you need to sort things out.

  8. Hi Jachym
    First of all, a huge hug to thank you for all the fantastic work you have done with Meteotemplate. The more I work with it, the more I enjoy the capability it gives me to customize the look and the content of my site.
    It is really amazing how through your “blocks and plugins” concept, you created such a fantastic tool to work with, from basic realtime value blocks to huge amounts of statistic weather data plugins.
    Also fantastic, how you managed to have time to support each individual user (thank you soooo much for the hours you spent helping me!).
    But, of course, such a huge amount of work in such a short period of time had to have a slow down, sooner or later, specially for someone that in his daily life has to earn life working hard in 2 jobs.
    I believe that your reasons for a break are certainly related to the need of taking care of your health and have a rest, but are also due to a certain disappointment and frustration with the way some users are so rude in the foruns, complaining about everything and behaving as if it was your “obligation” to satisfy their demands, simply ignoring all the work and also all the expenses (€€$$) that are behind Meteotemplate.
    So, my dear Jachym, take a well deserved break, and, using your own words, “I hope Meteotemplate will be back in the business soon”, after you decide which option is the best, for you to keep this excelent masterpiece alive.

  9. Hi guys,
    just want to add a few things:
    1. in the past, some of you said I cant bear the workload for much longer – I said no and this in fact holds. If things were the way they used to be, I would have no issues. But there were some changes which I can no longer ignore.
    2. all I need is to come up with a solution. Currently I have several options that Im considering. I might also end up simply asking here about what you think is the best way to continue.
    3. this is not like what happened to Brian, this is not some sudden major problem, in fact I already experienced what it is like when someone wants to sell your work. In this case it is more factors together and long-term. Just give me time. This situation could last for a day, two days, a week, I hope not much longer.

  10. Dear Jachym
    To be honest, it was a little shock to me reading that blog, and following WessexWeather statement, I also feared about.
    Your effort has led to an amazing meteotemplate and many users are not only happy to use it daily, they are also motivated to contribute the one or other way. (suggestions, etc) I also feared your huge workload. I am sure you took the right decision to introduce that “break”. You contributed that much, now it is time to let us know when we can help you the one or other way.
    Best regards, Marc

  11. Hi Jachym,
    Hope you are doing well.
    But why are you stopping all the downloads ? I can understand that you stop developing, but stopping the downloads means that we users are stuck…

  12. I have always feared, and expected, this would happen sooner or later. Of course I hope you will continue developing Meteotemplate, now that I have come to rely on your work in presenting my website. But your happiness and wellbeing is paramount, and I wish you well in finding a solution to your problems.
    For anyone thinking of abandoning Meteotemplate, bear with Jachym as I don’t believe he will give up easily…

    • Simon,
      just to make one thing clear – yes you did say this and in fact you were not the only one. I always said no, this will not happen and in fact it did not happen now either. If things were the way they were before this would not happen, but there were some changes which I can no longer ignore.

  13. I hope your decision is the best for you and your followers.
    I am a great admirer of all your work and, I wish you the best.

    Greetings from San Sebastian


  14. Is that it has something to do with the same problems faced by brian from homeweather station. I hope not !!!!!

    • I hope Meteotemplate will be back in business soon. At the moment I have several options and I need to decide which one is the best. Basically all of them assume Meteotemplate will continue.

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