Hi guys,

Based on all your feedback (thank you very much), I have come to a conclusion that the best thing to do would be coming up with a list of Pro features, which would be in addition to the standard free Meteotemplate.


  • I still feel like when someone wants to use it and cannot afford it at all, they still have the opportunity as these additional features are not essential, more like „time-saving“ features
  • No need for me purchasing any licenses, dealing with administration etc – all that would be provided as part of Pro features would be based on purely my work and time
  • I would still have some incomes even from standard users, or if a Pro user decided they want to support the scripts
  • I would not introduce a fixed price for all now, which would be unfair towards those who already helped

My current idea of how this could work:

  • I would leave all scripts and downloads freely available, with the info which includes that if you like this script you can consider making a donation. Scripts will work separately, will remain free and if someone feels they want to help, they are welcome.

Possible Pro features:

  • Priority support
  • Support via Skype/TeamViewer
  • Possibility to place ads on your webpage
  • Possibility to get information about planned features in advance and have the possibility to say what you like/want/don’t like
  • Possibility to have customizations
  • Animated interactive sticker (the one I have on the forums :D)
  • ….. – any suggestions?


Last but not least, something I wanted to do for a very long time. At this point still not 100% sure how this would work technically, but for this purpose it would be ideal…

In the ideal case – each Pro user would get a special token, paired with their domain, which would allow updating a block/plugin directly from the Block/Plugin page automatically, without the use of FTP. Over time this could ideally also include installing new stuff. With actual template update it could be problematic due to the fact these updates sometimes include many files and question is how fast your server is and what is the PHP time limit, in case of the entire template it could time out, but I think the last update was relatively easy and quick so it could stay this way, and this autoupdate could only be for Pro. Others would have to use FTP for everything.

And whenever someone entered pro I would activate his token on my server and that would let him download stuff. When they decide they are no longer interested, I would remove it and this feature would no longer work – this is actually one of very few things I can do, otherwise I have very little control over your website, in fact none 😀 The advantage of this would be that it would rely on my website, which I have full control of.

The only problem is that I do not have such script right now, it has been in my head for about 3-4 months…

Just my first thoughts…. Now tell me what you would add/remove, once we come to certain conclusion I will make a poll and re-enable all downloads. Then based on that I would come up with further details as to what exactly would be included, how much it would cost etc etc.

Thank you guys, no matter what happens, I was absolutely amazed by all your replies, I was worried the reaction to me temporarily disabling the downloads would be mostly negative, but you really surprised me…

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  1. Hi Jackym,
    I think that all of the ideas proposed are valid and they can solve most of the problems. The time that you spend on Meteotemplate is high and I think it is right that people should value your work and help you. I think that the features that you would like to attribute to Meteotemplate pro are great and appreciated by everyone and I also believe that other features may be implementing in the future. Sorry for my english and good work, you’re the best.
    Best regards,

  2. Count me in…you should get compensated for all of your expertise, time, and hard work that has gone in to making Meteotemplate the excellent technology solution that it is.

  3. How can such important decisions be made over a few hours? You posted a message this morning announcing a well-deserved break, and now a “conclusion” has already been drawn.

    And everyone seems quite happy with the idea of a pro version, which will change a nice personal project into a partially paying template.

    Jachym, once again, since so many people are eager to pay, why don’t you see who is actually going to do it? Skimming through the comments, there are at least 30 people who would supposedly buy this “pro” licence. Why don’t they start by donating NOW, so that this project can actually survive and be available to everyone without any distinction?

    Through hastiness comes nothing good. Things go way too fast here to lead to a stable and reasonable output.


    • Hi,
      no, I will of course think about this much more and think about how to implement this. But the general thing was decided. One of the options was that I will call it a day. That seems unnecessary. In the meantime I did not want to keep the Downloads disabled for too long. I only did that because I wanted to make even those who normally don´t read the Blog do it.
      I am of course not going to introduce MT Pro tomorrow.

  4. Hi Jachym,

    I completly agree at 100% with the Pro Version. That will give you some extra income to help you.

    Also to help you, why don’t try to have “mirror” site to help you to unload the download section. I will be happy to help you in this case.

  5. Again… amazed by the response, I seriously feared people will react in a completely different way.

    There will of course always be people who are not like this, but I can get over it. I just received an email “download”, I politely replied that currently, they are N/A and that I will send him the token when it is available again. The reply was “Yes, but I want now”. Funny… I take it easy, sometimes I actually enjoy users like this… makes you laugh 😀

  6. I think this is a great solution! It will help provide you with a revenue stream and help us ensure that Meteotemplate continues.

    I’ll echo what others have said in that none of this matters compared to your health. Your well being has to be priority one.

  7. Perfect for me jachym
    And to use your conclusion above…
    ” you really surprised us.”
    All the best

  8. I totally support you on the Pro idea. I’m in. As I posted earlier, I would also be interested in a private group, perhaps on Facebook, for Pro users to interact, although that might mean more work for you to admin.

  9. I would basically separate scripts (developed for all and funded by voluntary donations, also not violating any licensing thing) from more extensive support and time spent from my side (extra Pro)

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