First of all I want to thank everyone who shared their view and have to say I was very surprised by the positive reaction.

I think we have come up with some ideas/solutions (see previous posts/comments). Whether this will work is a question, I think yes, but we simply have to try.

In the upcoming days I will think about it a bit more, probably make some changes at Meteotemplate.com and then see how best to implement those changes. In the meantime I will try to release new things/updates, I also have several things prepared already.

Last but not least, there is no longer any need to attract people´s attention to the Blog so I re-enabled all downloads again.


15 thoughts on “Update

  1. Just a thought about moving forward. If you are going to write a PRO version and charge for it, that is not unreasonable. It should be well supported.
    Maybe consider keeping Meteotemplate in its current form as a FREE version and limit it’s support to bug fixes, gradually fading away as new users may opt for the PAID version (if the price is reasonable)
    I know you like to give users a choice on customising so if they want that, stay with the FREE version.
    If they want a fully responsive site (like Brian had until last week), then write the PRO version using Bootstrap or similar as a PAID version.

    • Hi,
      this is not feasible, the problem is that writing a new template from scratch is not something I would consider, it took 2 yrs to create this and I cannot spend another yr developing a new one. Bootstrap would require changes in basically every single script.

  2. Hi Jachym,
    Fortunately, it looks like a suitable solution both for you and for us, Meteotemplate users, will be coming out soon!
    Another good news is the re-enabled download of blocks and plugins.
    Thank you sooo much!

  3. Hi Jachym

    Wow, just coming home from work, and it is crazy what happened within the last 24 hours on this site (in terms of feedback, reaction, etc).
    Basically I like the idea of a MT Pro but it is extremely important how this will be implemented. I also understand the concerns of “meteo orange” and others who are not in favor of this idea. All I am saying is that you, Jachym did create, develop and maintain an outstanding template here and you are keeping service quality extremely high by fast responding!!.
    However, introducing a MTPro version is challenging and therefore: take your time to sort things out. Nobody should expect solution tomorrow.

    I see one core advantage of Pro in a possible customization of some (new) blocks/plugins. E.g., I have some new ideas of blogs /plugins, and it would also help if I can share ideas with others (as already discussed in the form of a forum) in order to hear their opinion.


  4. I like the model that has a “pro” version and agree with the ideas you presented. Maybe you limit the customization options for the free version and if you want to customize the page you can upgrade (not sure if that is possible). Maybe make some blocks premium features? I don’t like throwing numbers out there for fear of people not agreeing but I see no issue with paying an annual fee of no less that $25. I would pay $50 and still not complain. You have a great product and there is so much you can do and if I can help, please let me know.

  5. Hi Jachym,
    I like Meteotemplate very much and currently there are in my opinion no other programs or templates which even come any close.
    I hope that you can sort out a way to be able to continue your great project which in the first place should give you a lot of fun (and no troubles at all).
    I enjoyed Meteotemplate from the first day I discovered it.
    Thank you very much for that!
    Cheers, Luc

  6. All is clear now just tell us when and how much we have to send you.
    I hope you are relieved with the solution you had find.

  7. I think you should first of all set up patreon account to get something coming in. It is a great way of supporting people. And when thats done you have time to start thinking about implementing a a PRO version/paid features. And when thats done you can just merge the things. But atleast ul have some support while u making up the system! 🙂

    • Hi,
      I was looking at that Patreon page, but I dont quite see the difference between having people sending you money via Patreon or via Paypal, in fact with Patreon I would use my PayPal account as well.

      • In patreon i can set up some amount what is donated every month automatically. That means you have a lot better overview how much you will be getting every month. You can be confident that almost every month thats the amount you will be getting (:

  8. Hi Jachym,

    I run through …Feedback, …Ideas, and now …Update.

    I can say that I have donated some Bucks to you, Jachym – and I say that your MeteoTemplate is worth every single Cent and I already think that if you are able to charge MT V16 with 25$ / Year this is absolutely ok for me.

    My suggestion: Leave all as it for now, BUT:
    Charge the next version of MT with a fee. All users willing to upgrade will pay for it, and those not willing to pay have to stay on V15 or older. Updated Blocks and Plugins are only available to those who have paid for the corresponding version of MT. No Idea if this is possible to do, but I think you can find a way.

    All the best – keep on developing MT, but slow down the speed of updating and developing Blocks & Plugins!

      • Ok, understand.

        Licensing: The download token only available after a donation (just interpret the term “Donation-ware” a bit different)?
        Cut Off: If you do not make a cut you will have the same problem in a few months – some people donating, majority rest not donating.

        Just my thoughts. However you decide, I am willing to donate further (as said above: worth every single Cent). 🙂

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