DEMO station

DEMO station

Hi guys,

yesterday around 10PM CET we had a major squall line in my city, with gusts up to 100 km/h and over 40mm of rain in a matter of less than an hour. Unfortunately, even before it started raining, one of the gusts made my DEMO station non-functional again. The fixes I made after the last incident did not withstand the wind force and so it was offline for most of the time the thunderstorm was here.

At around 2AM it started measuring again, but the problem is that when the contacts are wet, it sends nonsense. I wanted to correct the values in the database based on local professional station, but it is still showing nonsense even now so I guess there is no point in fixing this. At least it measures something, but I wanted to you to know this so that you are not surprised by this…

If you want to have fun, look at the temperatures we had here today 😀

I will however still keep the station on because without it many DEMO scripts would fail.

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