Hi guys,

Just as I have always said, your feedback is very important to me. I would therefore like to ask you to fill a quick questionnaire, which will help me to plan future development. Participation in the questionnaire is something I might take into account in the future (extra content etc.). I will leave the questionnaire opened for several day/weeks, so you do not need to hurry.




6 thoughts on “Questionnaire!

    • Hi Tony,
      you could use some RSS reader and subscribe to this blog. The problem is that stuff gets updated relatively frequently and 99% of people will not want to be emailed that often and Gmail wont even let me send that many emails.

      • Every time a Block/plugin have an update, our meteotemplate blocks page inform us with new version and in this way you can update your installation. I want to say that every time our meteotemplate blocks page reveal an update, can send to its own admin an email as advice for updating.

  1. Hi Jachym…..I have been a little busy with my ISP. Last week, something happened that has cause my ftp capability to be blocked, both incoming and outgoing I can’t get to my WEDOS site from here, but my sister in Oklahoma can, I cannot ftp into my own web server and neither can she. I was updating some websites one evening without any problem. I brough up another web and got a message that the site could not be found.

    Anyway with respect to your survey, I am forwarding you an email from Weather Underground requsing personal weather station participants to monitor air quality. There is a new sensor out that they say out performs government standards.. It seems to be an easy add on. One map url covers the whole world. I see about sites in Europe


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