Hi guys,

After a lot of thinking I have changed my mind and decided to create a dedicated Meteotemplate forum. It is something several of you suggested in the past, but I always dismissed the idea given how much time/work it is to administer/install a forum.

However, due to the ever increasing number of users I decided it might in the end be worth it and after several days/weeks of setting it up, customizing and testing it, I think it is now ready.

Please make sure you read the Forum rules shown before registering. Registration uses Google reCaptcha and all registrations need to be approved by the Admin (me of course :D)

There is also a Non-English section, this is for those who cannot communicate in English. However keep in mind that posting here in any language other than Czech, means I will most likely not reply to you and you can only hope some other MT user will help you out. So whenever you can, use the English version.

In the future I might add new functions and tweak it more depending how popular this gets. Also if you think the forum structure should be different (i.e. some category missing etc.) feel free to email me and I will consider it.

Link to the forum is on the homepage in the menu at the top, FAQ was moved to the Wiki.

I hope it will further enhance your user experience and help develop Meteotemplate further. If you find any bug please let me know, this obviously is lots and lots of scripts and settings so I could make a mistake along the way.


10 thoughts on “Forum

  1. This is probably one of the best ideas you have implemented! Now we have our “own” place to hang out and the organization is perfect. Did you consider putting a subforum up for “Weather Photos”? Maybe a place for someone to share a neat cloud formation or storm? Could certainly go somewhere else but maybe a separate one would be nice. Not sure though.


  2. hello
    a very good initiative this new forum
    long life !
    yep registration sent to not change the good use
    good continuation

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