Forum vs Blog

Forum vs Blog

Hi guys,

first of all, I am very surprised how well received the forum was and it is amazing to see there is already almost 50 registered users after a few hours (on Sunday…).

If you have any ideas for modifying the forum structure (add new categories etc.) let me know, I already added one based on Jeff’s suggestion.

One thing I would like to emphasize however is that the fact there is now a forum does NOT mean you no longer have to check this Blog. I will post important announcements here and also, I will not post about every new block/plugin or update in the Forum. It is of course ok to discuss these in the forum, but only the particular ones will be discussed there. I will not post about every new thing I release there. This is what this Blog is for 🙂


9 thoughts on “Forum vs Blog

  1. I understand your concerns on duplicating efforts, but I personally would find the forum easier to use. In the blog I never know how to navigate to another entry only through the block with recent links on my meteotemplate page (big improvement this block). Once in the blog yourself you can only do a search, see the few most popular items and click on a month of your choice. It would be much easier to be able to click on articles when you have a list of titles. In the forum this would be automatically available and you could have a dedicated chapter for your blogs in which normal users cannot post (but only react).

  2. I was getting the feeling it was the opposite, what with you having less to do with the other forums, any hoo, like i said, xposting was just an idea to help you is all, i have used it in the past, it works very well, but, having said that, i dont know if WP has a mod/hack to do this to phbb anyway so it could very well be moot :/ having said that, i just did a wee search and found it, not posted it in here but it is as my website for posting this comment, just in case………. 😉 😀

  3. Because it would be read wouldn’t it, that’s the point isn’t it, if you blog something you do it because you want it read, well, not everyone will visit both, so, if it’s automatically posted to both, you will know it will be read by both forum and blog visitors, even if folks just visited the forum, they would still see the blog, so there is every point in having it do this.

    Again it was just an idea to help you, take it or leave it.

    I know one thing is for sure, something/someone has really upset you.

    Just take it easy….

    • To be quite honest, if I had to choose, i want people to read the Blog. The Forum was something I created more because many people asked for it. Personally it is not something I would be excited about 😀

  4. East, I only said your forum, I didn’t say any thing else, plus, the script would auto post it anyway, so you wouldn’t be doing anything extra.

    It was just an idea from a fellow user, use it or lose it, no skin off my back.

    • Yes, but the Blog has its purpose and if I repost everything people will stop watching the Blog – in which case I could just as well delete it – what would be the point if everyone went to the forum.

  5. Hi, if you want it to work, you need to cross post, it does not make sense having to check both to see if something new has been posted, folks should be able to check one or the other. You need a cross posting script, and a section on your forum just for this very thing, therefore, when you post in here it?will be mirrored on your forum. I was able to to do this with my vBulletin forum and the portal, is there not a phbb hack/mod that can at least help you, you may need to modify it to suit?

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