Meteotemplate update

Meteotemplate update

Hi guys,

I have finished development of version 16 today and entered the testing stage. Public release date will depend on how well the testing goes.

There are two important points I want to make:

  1. update tokens will first be issued only to people registered at the forum (later to everyone, but this is to encourage people discussing potential problems to do so there)
  2. if you are still using some version <15, it is now good time to update to latest version. Version 15 is now proven to work without any issues. The reason I am emphasizing this is because otherwise you will fall behind and it will be more difficult to update to 16. And most importantly – it is crucial you later update to 16 because I will be making changes on my website. Version 16 will prepare your template for these changes and once the changes on my website are made, unless you are using v16, parts of your template will stop working.

Last question I have been asked twice already – will the update to v16 be as easy as 15 and done automatically? The answer to that question is yes.


17 thoughts on “Meteotemplate update

  1. I’m looking forward to v16 update! Every update you’ve made in the past two+ years has added more functionality and flexibility, so I exepect this version to be the same.

    The automatic update process in v15 was great! I’m hoping v16 would have the same upgrade process.

    One suggestion: Can you please provide a list of potential files which would become unnecessary after update to v16 and can be deleted? A script to optionally delete these files would be a welcome addition to the upgrade process.

    Thanks again for all your work on the scripts.

    • Hi,
      yes, the update will be like v15.

      There will be one page delted and it will be done automatically by the template (the asteroids page), so you only will need to delete it from the menu, I will include it in the update instructions.

  2. This weather template is rather unique in its support for updating and extending the numerous and still growing number of available blocks and plugins.
    Jachym comes each meteotemplate version with new programs to make the maintenance easier as many of us already have seen.
    When somebody is content with the current meteotemplate website one doesn’t have to update to newer versions of course; all basic functions keep working.
    But when you like to get informed about new blocks and plugins and want the update process go as smooth as possible then the new update is just for you.

  3. OK maybe just to clarify.

    The update will in no way gain control over your website. But, your websites are already to a certain extent dependent on my website – latest version checks, menu update, some blocks (MT Blog), user file update – and these are the things that would stop working and would show errors if you do not update.

  4. “Version 16 will prepare your template for these changes and once the changes on my website are made, unless you are using v16, parts of your template will stop working.”

    What parts precisely?

      • Hi,
        I think details are worth mentioning. I chose this template because it seemed reliable and efficient. Implied in your answer is the possibility that all instances of your template may stop working if you decide so (willingly or not). I do not intend to update to version 16 anytime soon (i have other things to do currently), and therefore would like to know what I am to expect in the coming months.
        Thank you!

        • No-one said all instances, there are however scripts which rely on my website – certain blocks, update checks, some admin pages, menu updates. This will stop working because of the changes.

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