WU problems

WU problems

Hi guys,

surprise surprise…. WU is making further changes on their site. As one of you noticed, they deleted the METAR pages they provided. As a result, for example the Station Comparison plugin is not working (only partially).

You probably all know my opinion about WU and I will not go into details why it is so as it is a long story and not that interesting (in a nutshell – everything they do is how it should not be done and in fact I even helped them with some stuff in the past, for which I was rewarded with total ignorance).

Anyway, you probably also all know that WU is famous for its unreliability so it is quite possible that in a few days the plugin will work again. For that reason I will not make any changes for now – in fact the only change I could make is delete it anyway, the entire data source is gone, not a different format – gone.

If this continues I might just leave the import/update functions available and not use WU anywhere else, simply because of the unreliability.

8 thoughts on “WU problems

  1. Hi Jachym!

    I’ve suffered from their unreliability in the past. Are you aware of any alternative to share/display meteo data on the web?

  2. Apart from uploading to WU and checking local stations on their map I don’t use them. I gave up on that mob soon after starting using MT – their API has never worked for me (and I’ve changed it a few times thinking it was me) so have not been able to use the comparative forecast plugin to its full capability. Mind you, yrNo hasn’t either.

    I shall bang around today and see how it affects my site, but I guess it will be minimal, if at all.

    Thanks for alerting us, Jáchym.


  3. Hi, Jachym.
    I understand perfectly, but some users like me, we would have to stop using Meteotemplate, since my weather station only works with WU. (I.e.
    It is clear that the reliability of the data does not depend on you, but on them.
    A greeting.

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