Hi guys,

unfortunately the script which was supposed to generate data did not work well and my station has been offline since Saturday.

Because I see there really is no point in keeping it online I decided to only keep my station data for myself offline.

Several of you offered me to use their data. I always said I really appreciate such offer, but there were two issues – first was the time difference, if I used data from someone from Canada, I would have daily minimums around noon. So I needed something “European”. Also, my provider has some restrictions so in the current system this would not work.

However I spent a few hours thinking about an alternative and in the end slightly modified the API for myself and got in touch with a very good friend of mine, who was so kind to provide all his data to me. The DEMO is therefore now fed by his station, which is only a few kilometers from mine and even has the solar and UV sensor (which will make things easier for me).

Hopefully things will work better now, the only other issue is that the only way to do this was to use the WU option so if WU is down, it will be offline. Given it is a Davis Pro2 Plus station I dont assume any issues with data accuracy, I helped installing the station myself 😀

I will keep my station details etc. unchanged, it will only be the actualdatabase that is fed from different source.


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