4 thoughts on “Plugin Update – BloomSky 2.1

  1. I’m just looking at this verison before uploading it and it looks like you’ve done a lot of extra work with this plugin, not just comment out that one line stopping that current image from loading. What is all the extra stuff that it is doing?

    Also just as an FYI – when calling the BloomSky API, you can add ?unit=intl to the url for it to give all values in international format instead of imperial. Would just mean you don’t have to convert it all 🙂

    • The “new” stuff was done for testing purposes some time in the past and is not currently being used by the plugin, it doesnt work as I want it to work because of how BS API works, I asked them to fix a few things which they are lazy to do, so the plugin didnt really change in any respect.

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