Hi and sorry for spamming,

I already discovered a few minor problems with the homepage and also added a few new features that some of you have already suggested.

However, I have discovered one major “bug”, that you should definitely fix as soon as possible.

Basically I was wondering why the page was loading so slow, despite the fact it was not while I was testing it. Well I think I finally found the problem. It turned out that the page from which the earthquake data comes from changed, or rather the structure of the data. Originally it was getting the most important one, but now it was actually loading all EQ from the last month.

The result of that change was that the cache file loaded every hour was 5.5 MB! And so even processing of it, which was performed with every single load of the page, took many seconds. I already fixed it and I hope it will speed things up.

As I said, I will release an updated version with some few new things and fixes (no worries will be very easy to change, no changes in the settings etc.), but this should be corrected as soon as possible.

The good news is that I only had to modify a file, that you probably did not touch at all, so all you have to do, is simply replace the homepage/eqInfo.php file with this new version. Also delete any files beginning with “eq” in the homepage/cache folder, there should be two.

I tried several runs and the time was reduced from 16s to 7s in case the cache had to be reloaded and from 11s to 4s in case data was loaded from cache :-) And I think there are few other things that after optimization could speed things up – again, this really is just the first version and I will of course continue improving it.

So just download the attached file and overwrite the one in your homepage directory (make sure it has the same name and extension).

Download: http://www.wxforum.net/index.php?topic=26825.msg273137;topicseen#msg273137

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