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Q/A – Oct 13, 2017

Q/A – Oct 13, 2017

Hi guys,

another set of common questions/answers and tips.

  1. You mentioned on the forum that you want to delete the auto-update feature because it does not work for all, will it remain in the template?
    Yes it will, I released a fix, which helped many people. There are, unfortunately, still users for whom this does not work either due to HTTPS or due to provider, however the percentage of these users is relatively small and given the benefits this provides to other users I decided to keep it.
  2. Why is the asteroids page gone?
    Two reasons – one, there is absolutely no way to make it work on HTTPS pages (technically impossible). Second, it was purely an iframe – i.e. no added value, something I see as redundant.
  3. I am using https and I cannot see even the latest versions, is there any workaround for this?
    Currently no, some https servers will not load anything from http servers (which is what Meteotemplate.com uses).
  4. The WU import does not seem to work.
    A common problem is with solar sensor. If you have solar sensor enabled, the template expects solar data in WU. However, if you did not send solar data to WU, it will cause problems. Solution is to temporarily disable solar sensor in Main settings and then do the import and re-enable it once you are done.
  5. Do you plan auto-installation of plugins just like you did with the blocks?
    No, the problem with plugins is that they are not standardized, each installation is slightly different (this goes back to the fact that plugins were in MT right from the beginning when I did not think about these things, Blocks were designed later and are standardized). Another issue is that some plugins are relatively large and transferring and installing these large zip files could cause issues on some servers. Updating a Plugin is fine because it is already installed.

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