New Plugin – Extended Graphs

A new plugin is now available, which is an extended version of your interactive graphs section already part of the main template.

Main features

  • interactive graph of different parameters
  • possibility to choose graph type (line, spline, area, column)
  • enable/disable labels, data points
  • possibility to change time span
  • sortable data table of currently viewed data points
  • summary statistics for currently viewed data points
  • data grouping – days, months, years
  • possibility to choose which daily value you want – average, maximum, minimum
  • graph export to image format
  • everything using Ajax and Javascript – i.e. no need to refresh the page, very fast loading times
  • possibility to differentiate between positive/negative temperatures using different colors
  • automatically uses units defined in config.php or corresponding to the user selection if necessary


This plugin allows you to view various parameters. First you choose the actual parameter – temperature, humidity, pressure etc. By default the values correspond to daily grouped data, where you can also choose, if you want daily average, daily max or daily min. On the page you can then change this to monthly data or annual data.

Slider below the graph allows you to quickly move in time.

Right below the graph you will see summary statistics that correspond to your current view as well as sortable data table of all currently displayed values. These will change in realtime as you change the view or time span.

Below the graph is a little panel where you can change graph type (spline, line, area, column etc.), enable/disable data markers, labels or use different colors for temperatures below freezing point.


  • download the zip file
  • the only settings you need to do is to set the date format for the graph. Simply open index.php and right at the top you will see two variables that you need to specify. The first one (dayInterval) is used to define the date format used for daily views. The second one (monthInterval) is for monthly data. See PHP documentation for possible values.
  • upload to your plugins directory
  • add link to the menu


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