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Q/A – Nov 26, 2017

Q/A – Nov 26, 2017

Hi guys,

another set of common questions/answers and tips.

  1. Why is it not possible to update the database directly and I must use the API?
    This is because the API script is quite complex and apart from just saving data to the database, it handles data validation, caching, current conditions file creation, data aggregation etc.
  2. Do you prefer people ask on the forum or email you?
    This depends. In general I would prefer the forum because other users can step in if they know the answer before I have time to reply, and another advantage is that other users with similar issue can find the answer there later on and don´t even have to ask (assuming they look for it :D). However, obviously if your issue is very specific, you need to provide your password, API key etc., then email is better. There is no difference in how soon I will reply. I more or less check them equally frequently.
  3. I tried importing data from WU, but it is not working.
    Check your wind direction field. A common mistake is that people provide field number of the wind direction column, which contains the direction as a word, eg. “North”. There is, however, another field, which specifies the direction more precisely as a number between 0 and 360. It is crucial that you provide the field number of this one, the wind direction field in the database is numeric and any non-numeric value will result in error.
  4. Do you plan to migrate Meteotemplate.com to https?
    Not currently
  5. Is it possible to use more than one column for the mobile homepage?
    Yes it is, although I do not recommend it. It is better to use multiple blocks in places where the blocks are small to span the entire width. This way some blocks still can span the entire width and be viewed nicely on a smaller screen.

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