Hi guys!

looking back two and half years ago, I wanted to create a webpage. I found out there is nothing that would do what I wanted it to be able to do. I therefore decided I will try it myself and learn web development. At the beginning it was full of bugs, things not working at all, in the best case partially.

Later I decided to share it with a few other people who showed interest. I thought it might be a project for me and few of my friends. I would never have imagined it will one day be used by over one thousand people from 60 different countries and 6 continents, be localized into 31 languages and hundreds of people will be discussing it on a forum I introduced later.

In vast majority of cases it was very enjoyable. Likewise, it was nice to meet people all around the world, who were usually very nice.

At one point I was a bit scared by the sudden interest and was worried a bit whether I will have the time to work on this further and offer support. Fortunately I always found ways and introduced new mechanisms and automated things so everything is working smoothly and I can only hope it will continue like this.

Wish you a very nice winter and fun with Meteotemplate


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  1. Merci Jachim,

    C’est un beau projet et une réussite totale. Tu es proche des utilisateurs, ta réactivité m’étonnera toujours. Tu as su développer un outil sans cesse amélioré et qui correspond à des besoins spécifiques tout en restant simple de présentation et très adaptable.

    Bravo pour tout ce travail et bonnes fêtes de fin d’année.

  2. Great Job !!!

    1000 users it’s really good, from the beginning you’re template it’s amazing. Continue you’re beautiful job and we will see the next step 2000 really soon.

    Have a good day.

  3. Congrats Jachym! I will have to admit your hard work has indeed paid off like big time, you do indeed have the best template along with the most features, keep up with your outstanding hard, and never give up!!! 👍

  4. Congratulations Jachym

    It seems incredible that, you have been able to create your work, starting from scratch.

    In my opinion you are a master in the domain of programming in HTML, PHP, MySQL, server operation .. etc

    One of the greatest achievements that, in my opinion, you have achieved, is the complexity of statistical analysis, based on a simple table.

    I wish you a great future, both in your own work, and in the development of Meteotemplate.

    Thank you very much for everything

    Saludos desde San Sebastian


  5. Hi Jachym

    Congratulation, what an achievement. You should be proud of that what you delivered over the course of the last months/years. It is not only that you did an excellent job and delivered “great (incredible) stuff”, it is also that you make people happy (like me). I have much more fun to observe and analyze weather data of my weather station since I know Meteotemplate. It is fascinating! Thank you so much – Milles merci -Tausend Dank – Grazie mille!

  6. Très content pour toi !!!!
    1000 utilisateurs c’est un magnifique succès .

    MERCI A TOI JACHYM pour toutes le heures passées à mettre au point ce superbe Template


  7. Congrats on getting over the 1000 users Jachym. The software is amazing and keeps getting better. What an achievement by yourself to start this from scratch and learn so much. Happy Christmas and New Year

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