Meteotemplate – news

Meteotemplate – news

Hi guys,

just some information about what is coming/was changed.

  1. If you have not yet registered on the forum or are a new user, you are now required to specify your station model during registration. Previously this field was optional, but I will no longer accept registration without model specified – this is an efficient anti-spam measure. Unfortunately the Google re-captcha is not 100% functional and there have been some spam posts recently by bots which bypassed this. However they never enter station model information, so this is a good way to filter out bots/spammers.
  2. there will be version 17 relatively soon, it is already in testing stage. It will  not be a major update, but there will be some tweaks and one major new thing.
  3. also related to the upcoming new version, there will be a new way of obtaining a token. Instead of sending me an email you will be able to request a token directly at I will still process and issue the key manually, but it will be easier for you and easier for me because the requests will be consistent.


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  1. Bonjour Jachym, Je suis impatient de voir la nouveauté majeur, je vous dit un grand bravo pour votre travail fourni jusqu’à ce jour mais aussi pour l’aide que vous apportez à longueur d’année à toute la communauté meteotemplate. Je vous souhaite une très bonne et heureuse année 2018.

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