WU Down

WU Down

Hi guys,

I keep getting emails from people their station is offline. This has one common element – WU. Some of you might know this already, but WU has been having serious issues again for the past few days, the XML feed being mostly unavailable.

The only solution I can recommend is completely abandon WU, this has been going on for years and their attitude is worse and worse. If you want to keep using WU you can do so, but in such case all you can do is wait before they fix it.


5 thoughts on “WU Down

  1. The WU problems of the last 2 weeks have been due to the Intel’s Meltdown vulnerability. While solving this specific problem, they got rid of their main problem that was out of control: the super proliferation of netatmo stations.

    Since yesterday, everything is working very well (at least for my site) and much faster comparing to previous loading times of my partner station list of 60 stations. Now it takes about 25s to load while previous times were about 45s! And no more errors!
    I would dare to say that from now on, WU will work much better and much faster since their stations are reduced almost by a half, without the Netatmo network stations (only the few netatmo directly registerd in WU were left).

  2. Salut Jackym,
    Moi j’ai abandonné WU API pour Weather Display au moins je n’ai plus de problème et tout marche à merveille. D’ailleurs tu nous le recommandais dans les logiciels favoris. Moi je travaille avec cumulus ; weather display, weatherlink, piloté avec Virtual VP tout est ok.
    Amicalement didier

  3. depuis que WU a été racheter par le groupe weather channel il y a beaucoup de pannes ;cela a commencer par le changement de ” template”” du site puis l’abandon des webcamera

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